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Birdzeye | San Francisco

Birdzeye is a San Francisco-based agency which serves as a conduit between manufacturers and retailers through robust Sales, Acquisition, Channel Marketing, and Operational Strategies.

Robust Sales

We have the unique ability to identify niches in our market and the experience to bring brands to consumers’ reality.


We believe in creating brand loyalists by offering functional products that promote an active and inspired lifestyle.

Channel Marketing

Our network of strategic partners maintain close personal/geographical relationships with our retailers.

Operational Strategies

Our networks boast over 30 sales executives offering more than 200 years of combined experience.

Brand Legacy

Our legacy partners are some of the worlds most recognized brands including KENU, Lowepro, Acme Made, JOBY (acquired by DayMen/Lowepro in 2011), Looxcie and Motrr (acquired by GoPro in 2016)

We partner with brands that:

Demonstrate awareness to subtle details that enhance the consumers experience.

Create products that solve a problem consumer desire to remedy.

Create products that are well designed, disruptive and ethically manufactured.

Amazon Services

The Amazon marketplace is complex and dynamic— even successful brands fall victim to getting lost and leaving money on the table.

Optimize Conversion

Maximize Exposure

Streamline Operations

Strategic Partnerships

We offer world class products to consumers through strategic partnerships with all retail verticals from Independent to Mass-Market. We have strategic partnerships with various Local Representative Groups (LRG) who have long-standing and intimate relationships with our retailers in various verticals from Consumer Electronics to Outdoor/Sporting Goods.

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Our Portfolio

Our clients represent Europe’s most innovative, differentiated and disruptive brands; from start–ups to industry leaders.

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Our brands embody an inspired lifestyle that compels us to be creactive.
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Our Clients

At Birdzeye, we have the unique ability to identify niches in our market and the experience to bring those brands to the worlds-largest retail environment.